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Anthem: Chapter 11

Respond to 2 of the 4 questions below.

1- What great discovery does Equality make in this chapter?

2- What does Equality now realize is the proper goal and purpose of his life?

3- Using examples from the text, explain in what ways “I” is like a God?

4- Reread the incident with the Saint of the Pyre on page 50. What was he trying to communicate to Equality?

Honors' Discussion Prompt
Explain the following quotes in your own words:
a. “Whatever road I take, the guiding star is within me.”
b. “For the word ‘We’ must never be spoken, save by one’s choice and as a second thought.”

How can these quotes be applied to your life?


  1. 1. Equality discovers the word “I”.
    2. He realizes that “I” isn’t a bad word, and he realizes that he is his own person and that no one controls him. His purpose was to live his own life and not to have people bossing him all the time. His goal was to be different than anyone else, and to discover something new. He defiantly succeeded in in that he discovered what it means to be yourself, and to be your own person.

    A. I think that the quote means that he will always have kind of like a conscience. He will always have something telling him right from wrong.
    B. I that after so long of using the word “We” he never wants to use that word again. The word to should never be first in someone’s mind. You should always be your own person.
    I think these quotes can be applied by telling you that no matter what you do you will always have someone there guiding you, and helping you all the way. I think it is telling you that you should always be your own person. Don’t follow what everyone else does; be different, do your own thing.

  2. 1.He discovers the word "I".

    2."I" is like a god, it is one word that can mean a lot, just like a god can represent many things. People used to be permitted to use it, but it got banned from the society and replaced with "We".Now Equality is free to use "I" whenever he wants to. He now feels gifted to be able to use that god-like word.

    A. This quote means, that wherever he goes, he will always do the thing that leads him to the better path.

    B. This quote means, that Equality believes that people should use "I" and not "We", because people should be known as theirself and not as just the same as everyone, because everyone is different in their own way.

    Those quotes can be used as guiding tools to help someone find themselves.

  3. Equality discovers the word I.

    I is compared to a god because it gives individualism. This sets a man free from the bonds of together and therefore it is like a god because it is all powerful and mighty. The councilmen knew it and tried to suppress it. Like god however something that is all mighty and powerful it cannot be suppressed forever.

    A. It means whatever he does, he does it on his own accord and not for anyone else and that he is guided by himself.

    B. This quote means that it should only be used as for when people are together not as one's self.
    These quotes can be applied in life because only I can control what I do. The second one applies because I am one being not a person of a group.

  4. 1). Equality discovers the word "I" in this chapter. This is a huge discovery for someone of his former society.

    2). Once he discovers this new word, he realizes that he is to live for himself and nobody else. He wants to be different than everyone else. He wants to discover new things and liveb his own life. Equality just wants to be himself.


    A). This quote means that wherever Equality goes, he will have a guide. His inner self willl always tell him what to do to make sure he does the right thing.

    B).Equality has realized the evil that this one word can have and wants to rid himself of it. Using "we" instead of "I" is like stripping yourself of your identity and Equality doesn't want to have to endure that anymore.

    These quotes can help me by realizing that I always need to be myself because pretending to be someone else is like taking away your identity. Plus, I always need to listen to my heart. It is my guiding star(:

  5. #1: He discovers that he does not have to live the way someone else wants him to live because it is his decisions and that is why he uses I for the first time in the book.

    #4: I think that he was trying to communicate to Equality and he was trying to tell him that trying something new isn't all bad and he wanted to tell him kind of telepathically that it is worth dying for.

    Honor's Discussion Prompt:
    A: He is saying that anywhere he goes he will always have the same train of thought and he will always want to discover wherever that should take him in life.

    B: I think that he is saying that he is sick of using this word since in his old society that is the only word they were permitted to use. He is free of his old society and on his own.

    It can be used to remind how useful I can be in helping myself and others.

  6. 1. In this chapter, Equality discovers the word "I" for the first time.

    2. Equality discovers that his purpose on life is nothing but happiness. He has been stressed all this time, due to his society putting pressure on him and everyone. So, he finds that happiness is his purpose and it is the end.

    Honors Prompt:
    A. This quote states that he will always have something to follow on a journey wherever he goes.
    B. This quote states that since he has used it a ton of times, that it has been overused and that it must never be used again.

    These quotes could help me achieve long-term goals that I set. It shows that I have something to follow no matter what I have going for me. And that I thnk of myself as one individual and should think of what I am going to do before I do it.

  7. 1. He discovers the word "I"

    2. he has come to realize he is on the earth to be himself, live for himself and not others. He must make decisions of his own in order to make himself happy and prospurous

    Honors Prompt:
    a. I feel it represents that the light he has discovered has been something he accomplished. He understands that when you accomplish something it becomes your own and will be with you always.
    b. I feel that he is tired of a society lived to serve others. He understands no joy can come from that so he is fed up.

    These quotes can be applied to help me be myself. It implies a motivation to do what makes you happy and be who you are, not what society wants you to be.

  8. #1: Equality discovers the word "I".

    #2: I think that Equality realizes that he needs to speak by using I instead of we because he knows that he's his own person. He realizes that he needs to make his own decisions for him to be happy. He wants to make up his own mind and take things from where hes at and learn from it. He's ready to take the challenge.

    Honors: A) I think hes saying that he knows he is his own person and the right path is what he chooses and not someone else's.
    B) I think he is tired of using and thinking of the word "we". It shouldn't be the first thing you think, and you should just be you.

    I think these quotes could help someone realize that they are their own person and they should never forget that. At the end of the day you have your family and friends but it's just you who deals with your problems. It could be a great guiding tool to help you realize how you are.

  9. In this chapter, equality discovers the word 'I', and the concept of being an individual.

    Equality realizes that the correct purpose of his life is to be his own individual. He see's that it is every mans right to do what he wants with his life.

    A: He is basically saying that it is his right to choose what he wants out of life.

    B: He is saying that man should not worship the word 'we' but it should only be second nature. Man should make his own decisions, and the only time he should use the word 'we' is when he wants.

    This can be applied to life in the sense that everyone should make their own decisions, and no one should succomb to peer pressure.

  10. #1: Equality discovers the word 'I'.

    #4: The Saint was trying to convey a very important message to Equality. He was trying to get Equality to understand that knowledge and new things aren't something to fear. The new and different should be embraced and people were meant to stand out and be unique.

    A: He is saying that no matter what path he takes, it will be the right path. Its his own decision and all that matters is that he's happy with his choice.

    B: No one should ever have to degrade themselves be taking away their uniqueness. The word 'we' should only be used by choice.

    These quotes are a part of life because every choice we make is our own. No one can make you do anything or take away your identity. It’s your life, live it the way you feel is right.

  11. #1 Equality discovers the word "I".

    #2 He discovered that being an individual is not a bad thing, and that the society doesn't have to agree on everything. He learned that the purpose of his own life was to find his own hapiness.

    A. I believe he is saying that we all have a conscience, and we follow it ourselves. No one else makes us do anything.
    B. Equality means that "I" should come first, instead of "we". He almost means to put yourself first.

    It can be used in my life because I follow my conscience. I believe that there is always a right and wrong path. I also believe in being a strong individual.

  12. #1 Equality discovers the word “I” and uses it for the first time in this chapter.

    #2 After Equality discovers the word I, he realizes he truly is his own person. Equality only lives for himself now, not anyone else. In the society Equality was from, they were all taught that they were equals and no one was unique. However, Equality now knows that isn’t true. He wants to be a leader and trend setter. He wants to learn as much as the world has to offer. He is a very curious person and wants to make up for lost time spent living in his old drab society.

    A: This quote is saying wherever life takes him, he will always have a “gut feeling” or conscience telling him right from wrong and leading him in the right direction.
    B: Equality believes he should never use the word “we” again unless referring to himself and another person. He thinks everyone should think of themselves as individuals and use the word “I” when they’re talking about themself.
    These quotes are telling us that you will always be your own unique person and nothing, not even some silly rules can change that. It’s also saying that every person has a conscience whether you like it or not. That little person inside your head is going to help you through some tough decisions and complicated choices.

  13. 1. Equality discovers the word 'I'.

    4. I think the unspeakable word the Saint of the Pyre was trying to communicate, was 'I', and the whole concept that goes with it. He wanted someone to know that what they were taught was false.

    A. I think this means that whatever path we take in life or whatever we do, it's our decision, there is always a choice. It's not up to anyone but us to decide how to live our life.

    B. Equality means that everyone should know that they are an individual and unique, they shouldn't think or refer to themselves as a group or a whole unless they think about it and decide, of their own free will, to do it.

    You can apply it to your life by knowing that whatever decisions we make, we need to make them, not let someone else decide for us, and to be ourselves and understand we're unique, and to not be just part of the crowd.

  14. 2) Equality realizes that he has a very important goal in life. Equality wants to educate the people of his findings but is turned down by the council. He believes that he is the unbreakable and will do what he must to spread the truth, even if it's not in his current society.

    3) Using the word "I" in many ways is like a "God." The word "I" singles one person out and puts them before everyone else. "Gods" are thought of as being better than everyone else in a sense.

  15. 1. Equality discovers the word "I"
    2. He realizes that he is his own individual person, and that he is free to make his own decisions. He can finally have his own opinion, and do whatever he wants to in life.
    Honors Prompt:
    a:)I think he means that whatever choice he makes in life, he can always listen to his heart and trust himself to make the right choice.
    b:)He is saying that "we" must never be spoken unless chosen to. You have the right to say whatever you want.

  16. 1/Equality discovers the word "I". I also noticed that Ayn Rand never once used the word "I" in her novel until Equality discovered it. I thought that was pretty cool.

    2/After Equality discovers the word I, he becomes truly one hundred percent independent. He also now understands that it is not a bad thing to be independent or an individual. He also learned the big flaws of Anthems society like that man does not have to agree on every single thing.


    A/This means that wherever he goes or whatever he does, he does on his own behalf and not for anyone else.

    B/Equality believes that it is wrong to use the word "we" unless your talking about yourself and another person. He believes everyone should think for themselves and be individual. Which is why you should use the word "I" when talking about yourself.
    The way the quotes can be applied is that I and only I control what I do. Also, you should always listen to your heart because it's usually right.

  17. 1) He stumbles across the word "I" it puzzles him at first but soon he realizes that’s who he is.
    4) I think that the word the saint was trying to communicate was I or even ego. What he was trying to get across was that you can't go around acting like everyone else because it's impossible; you are your own person.

    a) The stars are used to symbolize direction. You can use them to help find your way. In this case it's saying that nobody is going to tell me where I’m going because I’m deciding it. It's up to him and no one else.
    b)His whole life all equality was taught was to use the word "we" now he knows the true meaning of I. all he's saying here is that you don’t need to use we all the time because being yourself is not a bad thing.

  18. #1 Equality discovers the word "I".
    #2 Equality discovers that is meaning in life is to build a new society.
    Honors a: This quote means that he is the master of his own destiny.
    b: This means that everyone must be an individual.

  19. 1- Equality discovers the word "I".
    2- Equality finds out that the meaning of life is different than what he was taught and that it doesn't apply to him anymore.

    A- This quote means that whatever path he takes in life, he will always have trust in himself.
    B- This quote means that the word "I" is now the new word to describe himself and that everybody should think as an individual.

  20. Respond esowa #2: I agree with your statement.
    Respond scrou #4: I like your point of view.

  21. 1- he rediscovers the usee of a first person.
    2- he finds out that people are an end unto themselves, anthat his goal is to spread that message.

  22. Honors- A: it means that we have choice
    B: that choice is a great power

    We can use this to say choice our most important weapon. We can guide our lives using that.

  23. 1- Equality discovers the word ‘I’. He is so relieved that he does not have to use the third person noun, we. He loves it so much that I think he uses it about 59 times in the chapter.

    2- I think the Saint of Pyre was trying to signal that he was going to a better place and he knew he did the right thing. This was one of the first pushes for Equality to rebel.

    Honors- a. I believe he is referring to the sun. The sun seems to be something that has guided him throughout his journey and will continue to.

    b. this refers to never using the word we unless called for. Since Equality has discovered words like ‘I’, ‘you’ and ‘they’ he will never use the word we unless necessary.

  24. 1- Equality discovers the word "I"
    2- Equality has came to realize that "I" isn't a bad word. He knows that he is his own person who has his own thoughts. It's his life to live and not anyone elses. He has a right to opinion and no one can choose how he lives his life. He has the right to live his own life with no one bossing him around because he realized he doesn't have to abide by the rules. His goal was to discover that he can live on his own and to come up with new ideas. He can live on his own and can discover new things. He has a chance to live life without anyone telling him what to do.

    A. I think this quote means that no matter what may happen, he knows something will be there to guide him. He can find his inner peace and everything will be alright. He has self-assurance and it helps him get through a lot.
    B. I think it means that not everything is about'we' its about yourself and the life you live. You don't have to rely on your brothers for everything. It's okay to venture off into the world on your own.

    I think that this quotes could have impact on our lives. They both imply that our choices we make will effect the things we do. We don't have to worry about people telling us anything because it's out choice that truely matters. Life isn't about making others happy or conforming to their beliefs. It's all about you and the choices you make. Even though it may sound arrogant or a little concieted, you live for only yourself. It's okay to be different and stand your ground for what you believe in because you follow your heart and your beliefs. Be yourself, no one can tell you you're doing it wrong.

  25. #1/ Equality discovers the most important word in the English language, I.
    #2/ Equality realizes that his goal and purpose is to learn and to help other realize what he has come to realize.
    HONORS PROMPT/ a. He is the leader of his own destiny. No one else is.
    b. We is something that should be spoken occasionally when it is more fruitful to agree with others.

  26. from-sskin
    #1- Equality discovers the word "I" and that it means something single and alone and he finds it fasinating.
    #2- After he knows the word "I" he wants to applie it to himself and live hes own life and be his own person. He wants to be one not all or part of something he wants to be the one and only Equality.

    a. “Whatever road I take, the guiding star is within me.” I see this quote as a meaning of what you want to do is what you and yourself will do and you wont stray from what you wish to do. Kinda like set your mind to something and never change it.
    b. I think this means that if someone is talking about themselves they shouldn't call themselves "we". It should only be as a second thought like someone is coming with an indiviaul.

  27. from-sskin
    ADemon15- "I" is the most important word in english i agree.
    esowa- I like your point of view.

  28. 1)Equality learns the word "I" and stops using "we".

    2)Equality discovers that he doesn't need to live for anyone else; he shouldn't have to.

    A)No matter what he does or where he goes, Equality will have "I". He'll have his individualism with him; it's something no one can take away. It guides him in his new life and will always give him hope.

    B) You shouldn't use "we" unless it's grammatically appropriate. Don't replace "I" or other fist person pronouns with "we". Equality is his own person now.

  29. 1: Equality learns to use the word "I".
    2: Equality learns that he can be one person and not have to be a group.
    a) The star gives him confidence to be independent and lead himself and to not follow others.
    b) He now knows that he should have been using this word in the first place because he is one individual person and not a group.

  30. 1)Equailty discovers the word "I"
    2)Equailty learns that he doesnt have to put a group of people before him, he can be his own person.

    Honors: A)It means we have a choice to live the way we want to.
    B)This means that anyone and everyone can be their self and not what someone wants them to be.

    You can apply it tho your life by being yourself everyday and speaking on your true feelings and thoughts.

  31. Mtayl: good way to put this.

    Jneal: very intelligent answers.

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