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Anthem: Chapter 7

Respond to 2 of the 4 questions below.

Outline four of the Council’s reasons for rejecting Equality’s invention.

What are the real reasons behind the Council’s rejection and fear of the gift?

Equality states that “We are doomed” but he does not feel doomed. How does Equality really feel once he is in the Uncharted Forest?

Equality states that “We are doomed” but he does not feel doomed. How does Equality really feel once he is in the Uncharted Forest?

Honors' Discussion Prompt
What does Equality mean at the beginning of the chapter when he says, “We are old now, but we were young this morning?” Also, reflect on the many emotions handled in this chapter. How do the specific emotions (list them) affect the power of the chapter and describe the character(s)?


  1. #2: They do not want anything that has not already been invented by the founders of their society and they don't want one man to be responsible for an invention of something because there society does not permit a man to think as one person. They are scared of it because they have never seen anything like it.

    #3: In the Uncharted forest i believe that equality felt free of all of the laws and restrictions of the society he had been living in for so long. He felt like he could do whatever he wanted.

    Honors Discussion Prompt: He meant that he has grown as a person and he is going to do something that no one has dared to do in a while. At first he was excited because he thought that the Council of Scholars might accept his new invention. Secondly he felt anger towards the Council of Scholars because they had not accepted his new source of power and they didn't just not accept it but they even wanted to destroy it. He then ran to the Uncharted Forest and there he felt lonely, yet kind of happy, but he missed Liberty.

  2. #2. I think that the Council rejected the gift because they are afraid to change. They don’t want to try anything new, unless they invent or discover it. I think that they are scared to go back into the “Unmentionable Times.”

    #3. Equality feels free. He feels that he can do whatever he wants to without having to worry that he could get in trouble for it.

    I think that Equality means that he has gotten older, but he feels so young and free. An emotion I found in this chapter was terror. The council was struck with terror when they saw the box. This emotion scared the power half to death. Another emotion I found was anger. Equality was extremely angry when the Council said that the light needed to be destroyed. He was not expecting this reaction from them so he was also surprised. Once he got into the “Uncharted Forest” he was sad, and lonely he wanted to see Liberty again.

  3. 2: The council gives serveral reasons for rejecting Equality and his box, but the real reason is fear. They were scared to see that someone had stumbled upon something from the Unmentionable Times. They were scared that someone had such a drive toward being an individual and seeking out their own personal intrest instead of doing what the council had ordered them to do. They were also scared that someone would commit so many crimes against the council and not regret it.

    3: When Equality goes into the forest, he feels free from the council and their oppression. All his life he's been told exactly what to do, where to go, and how to think. For the first time in his life he can feel the way he wants to feel and do what he wants to feel. When he's in the forest, he feels more independent and more like an individual.

    Honors: Equality has experienced and done more in one day than most of his brothers do in their whole life, so he feels older by the end of the day than he did when he woke up. That day, the council feared Equality and his invention. They feared him because he was so strong willed and defying them. Equality became frustrated when they couldn't see past his actions and see the true beauty of his box and what it could do for them. When he left and went into the Uncharted Forest, he felt free from their judgement and dissaprovement. For a short moment, he felt longing to see Liberty and remorse that he would never be able to see her again. But when he realized that they would reject Liberty if she was seen withhim, Equality finally felt at peace.

    1. I like your term "at peace" at the very end of the paragraph. It really wraps everything up.

    2. Ur writting skills are quite immpressive and... it really help understand the book's message

  4. 2.They didn't want to change anything with the way of life.They also thought that they might have stumbled upon something from the unmentionable times.

    3.He feels free because he doesn't have to do what they say because he is in the uncharted forest and nobody dares to enter the uncharted forest.He is free to do what he wants to do and live free when he is in the forest.

    Honors:I think that he means that he is older but feels young because he is free to do what he wants to do.He felt free when he went to the uncharted forest, he felt angry when they said that they would destroy the ligt bulb, and he felt sad because he missed Liberty badly.

    1. I like your use of the word "free".

  5. @mtayl-I like how you described everytheing in the Honors discussion.

    @thart-I like how you described why they would not accept Equalities' invention.

  6. #2 The council rejected the gift Equality kindly brought them because they felt as if someone had “beaten them at their own game.” Equality had figured out many things and the scholars were terrified. They didn’t want anything to change within their society unless it was one of them discovering something new. The council was amazed that someone would break so many rules knowing that they would be punished for them.
    #3 Equality really doesn’t feel doomed, he is actually glad because now that he is in the Uncharted Forest and one will bother him. He is happy because he’s free to do what he wants and he doesn’t have to hide behind anyone’s back.
    Prompt: What Equality meant by the quote was that he had grown as a person, but today he was going to be a little kid and “show and tell” his great discovery. He was prepared to show the council his findings and he was excited that he might be praised by them. However, it didn’t really happen like that. Equality got very angry at the scholars because they were scared of this unknown thing before them and wanted to destroy it. Out of shock, Equality ran. He ran all the way to the Uncharted Forest where he knew no one could question or correct him any longer. He felt like he could do whatever for the first time in his life and he felt freedom.

  7. #2:The Council does not appreciate the new ingenuous invention Equality has discovered. They do not want a street sweeper outsmarting them. The Council is a little jealous in a way,they didn't think of the invention and came up with lies to cover up.

    #3:Equality feels safe once he is in the Uncharted Forest. No one dares to enter the forest. Equality knows that he is alone and he will not be bothered. He does not feel doomed.

    Honors:I think Equality is saying he feels courageous. He is confident if his invention and thinks the council will be proud.The council rejected Equality's light box and wanted to destroy it.Equality ran away and that's how he ended up in the Uncharted Forest.

  8. #2: They don't want to believe that someone outside of the Council of Scholars has knowledge and can do something about it. They don't like that a street sweeper is outsmarting them. They are terrified of change. I think they were shocked that somebody was thinking as one and was going through so much to show them his invention no matter the punishment.

    #3: Equality feels free from all the laws and restictions. He's happy that he can work on being himself. He can keep pn finding out who he is.

    Honors: I think it means that he knows and feels he is getting older, but he feels new and free inside. At first he felt power because he didn't tell the people at the Palace of Corrective Detention where he was and smart because he escaped. He is excited to show the Council of Scholars his invention because he was proud of himself and he thought they would be proud of his invention too. Then he was angry because he couldn't believe how the Scholars responded to his invention. He felt free when he reached the Uncharted Forest, but was soon depressed when he thought about Liberty.

  9. 2. They were afraid because one man had thought for himself and made something they didn't understand. They had never seen anything like it and it's origins and maker went against all their rules.

    3. Equality is free. He is free and very happy about it. Now he can do whatever he wants and be his own man. No one will follow him into the forest either,so he doesn't have to worry about being caught.

    Honors: He means that everything has changed. That morning, he was so exited and happy. Everything was about to get better and his life was finally somewhere he was going to be happy with, or so he thought. However, later when he says that, everything he was working toward, acceptance and to make his brothers happy with him and to help them, was ruined. In that short period of time, he felt as if he was much older. There was a lot of fear from the council in this chapter, and for the first time, Equality openly ignores everything was taught about being obedient because he was angry, another thing we haven't seen before. Equality definitely wasn't expecting that reaction from the council and he was surprised and first until they wanted the box destroyed, that's when he got angry. After he ran into the forest, he was very sad and lonely and he really missed Liberty. However, he also feels free.

  10. 2/That it would completely defy the way of the elder councils ways and go back to the older world ways.

    3/Equality was finaly free to be himself so he was almost excited instead of afraid.

    Honors/Equality is trying to say that everything gas changed. He was expecting the scholars to accept him and his research, he was sadly wrong. He was angered because he thought the scholars would accept his new invention but they did not and even went so far as to try to destroy it. Equality felt so free in the Uncharted Forest but soon felt depressed because of the rejection of his invention and will miss Liberty.

  11. #2 The Scholars are afraid of what this means. Equality is just one man who has created this, instead of working in collaboration with others. This shows signs of individual thinking, and could lead to better inventions. When the council loses control, they could go back to the "Unmentionable Times".

    #3 Equality feels free and unrestricted there. He feels like an actual individual and can think better. He also feels like he can help society without being caught.

    Honors: Equality said that because he felt unexperienced in the morning, but he had progressed more in one day than most of his brothers will ever in their entire lives. He has felt such strong emotions that they have matured and taken its toll on him. First Equality feels excited because he thinks there is hope for his invention. The Council feels rage and terror when they are struck with the reality of the situation. Frustrated Equality bursts out and retreats to the Uncharted Forest where he becomes depressed and longs for Liberty.

  12. 2. There are many stupid reasons why the Scholars do not accept the glass box. The main reason though, in my opinion, is the fact that Equality is a street sweeper, and he is not allowed to use his knowledge. Another reason could be the fact that if the Scholars do not recognize what the invention, they do not believe that it exists. It is impossible to get something by the Scholars unless they themselves have discovered it. Although, the real reasons are that the Scholors do not think it is useful. Also, they say that it would bring end to the Department of Candles.

    3/4. Equality is very free once he reaches the Uncharted Forest. He knows that no one would dare enter the forest. Although, he realizes that he has forgot the one thing that brightened his life.

  13. 2). The Council gives many excuses for rejecting Equality's invention but they are only scared. They've realized that Equality has discovered something from the Unmentionable Times and that frightens them. If more people find out about this, their whole society could be ruined. Everything they had worked towards would be destroyed.

    3). Once Equality reaches the forest he feels safe and more importantly free. He has left behind the society that was holding him back and would only miss the Golden One. He realizes that he's better off away from his brothers and just wants to keep his box close by his side.

  14. 2- The council fears of losing power. Their fear is that the invention of one man that is more powerful than their own would be that they could be wrong.

    3-Once he gets into the forest he feels free. He no longer has any attachment to the society at large.

  15. Honors- He used this phrase to describe the number of events that happened in that day. It could also mean that he is having regret for being exiled from his home. In the beginning of the chapter he had anticipation for meeting the council, but that quickly turned to fear and anger as he learned of their decision. After he flees he is initially happy. At the end, though, he gets a little lonely.

  16. #2: The real reason is because they didn't think of it themselves. They're scared of new new things.
    #3: Equality feels liberated. He no longer has to listen to the Counsel. He also saw his own face for the first time and he can spent time with the Golden One.

  17. #1 The council rejected his reason because of it putting candlemakers out of business.
    #2 Men wouldn't work hard as they did with candles and men are supposed to toil.
    #3 That if not all men understand the invention than it wasn't good.
    #4 He was breaking laws and if it caused him to break laws it wasn't good.

    The real reason behind the councils rejection and fear was that they couldn't snuff out a lightbulb. With a candle they could control light because in darkness you can't do anything. Therefore they controlled peoples movement and activities. They were also afraid because Equality took and worked without them knowing. They were afraid he could teach other people and they would revolt against the madness of the ways.

    He was saying in the morning he didn't understand the way things truly worked. Equality was still juvenile and young. However after the meeting he learned of the true intentions of the council members. He was mad and angry at the fact that they were being stupid, and he was angry that they rejected his idea. Equality intially felt anxiety that led to anger. At the end he fells bad for leaving the "Golden One" behind.

  18. from-sskin

    #1- One reason they regected his invention was they said he was just a mere streetsweeper and apperently below them. Another reason was that it was seen as evil beacuse it was new. They also said the invention would take too long to get approved and thus it was worthless. The greatest reason it was rejected was because it was somethng new and they dislike new things.

    #3- He says "we are doomed" but he is talking about the other "we's" as in other men that are not him. He feel unrestricted in the forest and feels free for the first time. The rules and laws that bound him are now behind him and he feels he can be a one and not a we.

    Honors- He means that what he has gone through has aged him inside. He probably feels he was once a child for following such rules of his soceity but now is an adult and sees the errors of the rules. He feels as though first of all, he's going to do something great for his brothers. Sadly things dont go his way and he relizes a lot of truth which makes him mad at the counsel. He then feels happy and free as he lives his life in the forest where he is finally seeing the world for what is truly is.

  19. from-sskin
    jneal- I agree when you say that the consel feared the new invention because it could mean they were wrong.
    sethkinker- Ok have to say You are right they do have many stupid reasons for not liking equality's glass box.

  20. #1 They do not want anything to be founded that has not been founded because it would be an act of thinking individualy. They are scared because they thought that somebody would commit so many crimes against their society and just care less about it.

    #2 In the Uncharted Forest I think that Equality felt free and that he could be an individual. He could think and do whatever the pleased. He gets to explore the world better.

    Honors- He means that he was drained of all energy in teh morning. The events that have occured to him are making him emotionally drained. He also becomes angry with the counsel because things didn't go his way. Then, he becomes happy because he is free in the forest.

  21. #2 The Conunil's ture reason for fearing Equilaty's invention is they fear that he will become independent and intelligent. This is because they woeked so hard to keep the people as one and never let someone be their own self also they dont let them be intelligent cause they fear they will over come the Council.

    #3 Personaly I think Equality felt free and happy for once. He no longer had to follow the rules of his society and this made him happy.

    Honors- I think what Equlatiy meant was that he had grown as person but now that he was free from everything he still felt like a kid in a candy store. Some of the emotions I found in the chapter were anger and scared. These emotions are very vivid ones. The council is scared at first of of intelligent Equality is but they are also angry that he would even think to disrespect them like that. Equality also felt these emotions. He felt scared cause of the reaction he got from the council and angry cause they wanted to destroy his pride and joy.

  22. Pzopp Honors- You answered this very well.

    Mtayl Honors- I like the way you descripe your answer.

  23. The real reason the Council was afraid was because someone had gone behind the backs of all and discovered what they don't want to be found.

    Equality feels free once he is in the woods. He doesn't have to worry bout everyone else. He can be himself.

    Honors Prompt:
    He feels young in the morning because he has awaken with true accomplishment for discovering his light source. The events that take place over the day cause him to shrink and grow weak from exhaustion .his I feel would cause him to feel "old"

  24. The council was afraid of the gift because it's a sign that people are acting out and creating things are their own. They are finally starting to become their own person.

    Equality knows that now that he is in the woods that he cannot go back that he is stuck there. Now that he is there he is free to become his own person and do what he pleases.

    Honors: Equality feels young because he is a new person, he is finally himself. Even though he has been through a lot and has been traveling he is tired and exhausted so therefore he is also feeling old and weak. The emotions I got from this chapter were confusion, fear, and anger. The council being the ones in fear of the gift. Then there's equality who is confused by their decision and angry with their choices.

  25. Prompt: I think that it means that, although he is old physically, inside he feels like he's a new person. I think that he was angry at the Counsel for chasing him and wanting to destroy his light. I also think that he misses Liberty.

  26. respond bbick prompt: I like the way that you worded everything.
    respond sskin prompt: I like your point.

  27. #2: The Council is afraid that people will start to think for themselves. Equality inventing something on his own tells the Council that they don't have as much controls they thought.

    #3: Equality feels free. He doesn't have to worry about the Council finding him and punishing him. He doesn’t have to keep any more secrets.

    Honors: Equality means that he started out young and foolish that morning. Then after he went to the Council and saw the truth, he became wiser. There are a range of emotions Anger and confusion because of the Council and fear that they might destroy his invention. When he made it to the forest he was lonely and missed Liberty but then he was happy that he was free.

  28. Honors: Equality means that He has grown as a person just in that one day. The emotions he's experienced just in that day have made him grow as a person. He was angry at the Council because they denied his invention. They denied it because they were scared. Scared that their power was going to slip out of their hands. They were probably relieved when Equality dissapeared.

  29. 2- The Council had many reasons to not approve the light bulb. First of all, they broke many rules in order to accomplish this great discovery. Then they went against their assigned jobs and used wisdom that most do not attain. It would also cause a massive change in the society if The Council proceeded in approving this machine. It would take at least another 50 years to truly establish this product.

    3- Equality might say that he is doomed but he is not really doomed. He is now free from this crazy society. He also left his fears behind him when he entered the Uncharted Forrest. Along with his fears, he left his cares. Equality and International don’t have a care in the world now. They want to go to the end of the earth and basically explore what is ahead of them.

    Honors- Equality’s meaning of ‘we are old now’ means he is mentally old, not physically. He was young and refreshed that morning but after all of the running and the adrenaline rush he had, he is exhausted. Also, once he is in the Uncharted Forrest, he drops his worries, fears, and cares kind of like and older person would do after they retire.

  30. 2) The council didn't approve of the lightbulb because they were speechless. The fact that one person discovered it, a street sweeper, makes it even harder to accept. They realized that someone has discovered something that they as a whole couldn't figure out. The council also doesn't approve it because it went against the rules. They assign specific jobs for a reason, but Equality as an idividual came up with this on his one. If the council would accept it, it would bring a drastic change to their society. They would do anything to keep from people finding this stuff out.

    3) Eqaulity doesn't feel doomed, he is free. He no longer has to abide by the council and their strange rules. He can be an individual and discover many new things. Honestly, Equality is now his own person and can go on his on way. He can start the life he never had.

    Honors: 'We are old now' means that he's grown up. Not physically, but mentally. He's now more knowledgeable and wiser than ever before. When he finds out the truth, it makes him wiser than all the council and the scholars. Equality is feeling emotions of anger, confusion, and fear. Angry at the council for they have denied his invention, confused of everything the council has been hiding, and fear for what might happen to him. Equality runs off, a free man who can do as he pleases. He has become the old wise one rather than the young foolish one. Equality is now a free man and he has made mistakes, but that makes him wiser. To grow old and wise, you must first be young and stupid. (:

  31. 1. a.) "how dared you think that your mind held greater wisdom than the minds of your brothers!" b.) "What is not done collectively cannot be true." c.) "And if this should lighten the toil of men, said Similarity 5-0306, then it is a great evil, for men have no cause to exist save in toiling for other men." d:) "And if the councils have decreed that you think that you could be of greater use to men then in sweeping streets?"
    2. The councils know that Equality has a great mind, and will do aything he sets his mind to. He has already shown that he is not afraid to break the laws of the Council. They know that he can discover the past of the Unmentionable Times just like the Saint of the Pyre.
    Honors Prompt: At this point, Equality now knows how wrong the council is. He says that he is old because older people are more educated then younger people. Equality experiences many emotions now that he has escaped into the Unchartered Forest. He feels a great deal of regret since he can n longer see the Golden One, and I imagine he begins to feel a little lonely walking around in a forest by himself. Also, he is extremely angry that the council did not appreciate his new invention.

  32. The real reason that the council rejects Equality's gift is because they are afraid that mankind will see that it is actually better to do some things by yourself rather than to do them with your brothers. If the people of the society mentioned in Anthem knew the truth, they could revolt. The council is scared that these people could overthrow them if they knew otherwise, so consequently, they try to keep any new ideas away from them.

  33. The reason that the council rejects Equality's invention is because 1)Its better than anything they could ever come up with. 2)Equality did it all by himself, and didn't let anyone help him. 3)The council doesn't like the way Equality thinks for himself. 4)The council doesn't want Equality to rub off on anyone else.

  34. I think that Equality meant that he was happy and felt fresh in the morning, but now that his discovery has been so harshly rejected and he has run away into the uncharted forest, he feels tired and weary. His body is tired and his mind is spinning with everything that has happened over the course of the day. His first emotions were that of happiness because he thought his invention would redeem him of his transgression of doing something alone. His second emotion was suprise because the council flipped out on him and told him what a terrible thing he had done. This lead to his third emotion which was fear; fear that they would destroy his invention. After that he feels relief that he escaped the council, and saved his box, and then his relief turns into sadness and sorrow because he has left The Golden One behind.

  35. 2) The Council rejects Equality's idea out of fear. The Council is afraid of change and believes his idea will tear apart what they have spent forever constructing.

    3) Once Equality is in the forest he feels less stress than he did while in the city. He is free from all of the laws (that he would've broke anyway) in the city. Equality feels that he is free to express his thoughts and feelings when he is alone.

    Honors) Equality feels old because his mind was following conformity for so long. He feels this sudden understanding that makes his mind "young" again. Equality feels that he is learning everything over again but in a new perspective.

  36. HONORS PROMPT/ Equality means that he is tainted now and he was innocent that morning. My God, the emotions in this chapter teeter on the brink of completely overwhelming. It goes from assurance, to anger, to spite, to happiness. Equality is feels assured that the Council will accept his find. He feels angry when they do not. He runs away in spite of himself. Equality then feels happy that he is away from the society. There is just a torrent of different emotions.
    #1/The Council believes that anything created by just one person and not everyone is an abomination. They believe that Equality's mind does not hold more than that of his brothers. The Council believes that once you are assigned a job/caste you stay in that job/caste. They believe that anything created by one and not many is useless.
    #2/ They are afraid that his thoughts will bring thought and coherence to the world again. If thought returns so does individuality. If individuality returns, a revolution against their government may occur. This would throw their whole way of thinking into turmoil.

  37. PART 2 HONORS PROMPT/ The emotion discussed in this chapter are assurance, anger, spite, and happiness. Equality changes his emotions so many times that it is almost overwhelming to the reader. The emotions add to the power of this substantially and I love that. The Council is afraid, as always, and so are most.

  38. The Council of Scholars has many reasons that they could use to reject Equality’s' invention. One reason is that the invention had come at an unreasonable time. You notice that the Scholars say that "it took fifty years to secure the approval of all the Councils for the Candle, and to decide upon the number needed, and to re-fit the plans to make candles instead of torches," on page 74 of this chapter. If it took that long to decide to make one move forward in technology, than a huge leap like this might take a millennium. The thought that it took one many probably no more than a couple of weeks or months to create this one device, and then have that same device have a huge impact on the entire world is a scary thought. Why would anyone take the time to approve it?
    Another reason might is that the Council believes that anything that is not created by the group is evil. The Council, from the time they were born up until now, has been taught that it is all about the group. The team, the group, the world is what they have been taught. The word "I" has been destroyed, and the world revolves around mankind as a whole. There is nothing that terrifies the government in this book more than a free thinking person. The light box that Equality made is an example of being able to think for yourself and not others. If word got out that only one man had made this, it could start an uprising. Life has no meaning if you cannot toil for men, so Equality’s statement about “Let us all work together, and harness this power, and make it ease the toil of men,” on page 70, automatically makes his creation evil.
    The Council could also be afraid of his invention because it in itself questions the Council. The Council did not make this device, a street sweeper did. The device was made in secret, not in front of closely monitoring eyes. The light box would benefit man greatly, if it was released at the right time, under the right circumstances, with the approval of the World Council. The device was not made by the Council of Scholars; it was made, in a sense, by a lesser being that had no reason to do anything at all other than their assigned job. It makes the Council look inferior to a street sweeper.
    If it was none of the reasons above, than the obvious fear might have something to do with the Unmentionable Times. While all men are to think of each other as equals, those who are allowed a higher education may have the ability to read documents from and about that time period. They cover it briefly in the Home they call The Hose of Students, if the Scholars had the ability to read all of the documents they could to make their work better they might try to attain even more information. The light that Equality showed them was obviously from that time period, and it was obviously not made by a group.

  39. When Equality says that he is doomed, yet he knows that he does not feel doomed in any sense. He is doomed only in the eyes of his “brothers” and he knows this. He is not thinking of himself as “one of them” any more, he is thinking “I”. Although he has not found the ability to speak that word within his mind yet, he is thinking that way. His ability within himself to realize this is astounding, for he no longer is attached to the millions around him but to the few he chooses to acknowledge. There is something within him that is telling him that he can make it in the wilderness, for he is truly free now. Now that he can finally do whatever he wants whenever he wants, he has few regrets.

  40. When Equality says that he was young in the morning but old now on page 68 of Anthem, he is making references to several things. The first of which is age in general. When you are young you do stupid things, make mistakes, and you do not know as much as you think you know. When you are older you are more experienced in life and you have actual knowledge that you can use. When Equality went to the Council to show them his invention, he thought that the entire Council would welcome him and his invention. There was no doubt in his mind that he might be rejected. He did not think that he could be rejected, and failed to notice that he himself had made it and thus his creation could be called evil. Now he knows that the Council thinks that his invention is evil and that he has been rejected. In a way he has been rejected by the entire human race.
    He could also be making a reference to the Hose of the Useless. The House of the Useless is where the elderly live when they are no longer able to toil for their fellow man. There is a sense that there is no use for the elderly in society that Equality grew up in. Equality has now become useless to his fellow men. He refuses orders, is belligerent in many ways, and wastes time sitting in a dark hole. The elderly cannot move around much, sit on a porch and drink cool drinks all day, and there is often someone who takes care of them.