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Anthem: Chapter 5

Respond to the questions below.

1- What does Equality invent in this chapter?

2- Equality is suddenly interested in seeing his own image. Why now? What emotions is he feeling?

Honors' Discussion Prompt
Equality understands that his invention will benefit mankind greatly; however, this was not his main motivation for his experiments. What is the primary source of his “great joy”? How will his invent truly benefit mankind?


  1. #1: Equality invents a kind of light source like a light bulb.
    #2: He wants to see himself now because he is curious about how he looks and he is proud of his invention and he wants to see what being proud of himself looks like.

    Honors Discussion Prompt: The primary source of Equality's "great joy" is self accomplishment. He is very proud that he has invented something new that the House of Scholars has never seen. It will benefit mankind in a couple of ways. In one way he will show the citizens of Anthem that if they try hard enough they can achieve great things. He will also show that it is good to work hard and try to discover new things and try to invent things. The last thing is mankind doesn't have to use candles anymore because they will have a much more convenient light source.

  2. 1) He built an electric light with a structure similar to that of a light bulb.

    2) Equality wants to see himself because only recently has he discovered what he can do alone; he doesn't need someone else to help him with every task he completes. This feeling of independance sparks the idea that he is his own being with his own image. This makes him curious as to what he looks like.

    The the source of great joy in Equality's invention is in that, not only has he created something great, but he has also discovered what a man can do when he attempts to accomplish something on his own. His first discovery is important because it can give the population a light much greater than a candle. His second invention is important because it is the beginning of a rebirth of independance and the art of being self suficient.

  3. #1 Equality discovers how to use electricity in the form of a light source.

    #2 Equality wants to see what he looks like because he's realizing that every person is different. All his life, society has taught that everyone is equal in every way. For the first time he is seeing what someone can accomplish on their own using their unique qualities and skills. He's starting to see himself as an individual, not as a society, and he wants to see what physically sets him apart from the crowd.

    Honors: The source of this great joy is a sense of accomplishment. He is seeing more everyday what mankind is truly capable of when they let themselves explore personal intrests. He has always been fascinated by science. When he had the chance to do something that he liked and wasn't told it was wrong, he created something beautiful. This won't benefit mankind because it will enable them to see better for longer but because others will begin to realize what Equality has realized. When the other brothers see what he's made and see what they are capable of when they embrace what makes them unique instead of hide it shamefully, it will turn society around 180 degrees.

  4. #1: Equality invents something like a light bulb.

    #2: Equality has already done so much. With every broken rule and new discovery he's realized just how different he is from every one else. He wants to see if he looks as different as he feels.

    Honors: It’s true that his invention can help society greatly but that’s not why Equality is so happy. His 'great joy' is the fact he did this all by himself. By inventing this he proved that he is smart enough to be a Scholar. Besides making a new light source, Equality's invention show every one else that they can do great things too. He can show his brothers how to think for themselves.

  5. 1) Equality has invented a light in a box. He has learned to harness electricity, though he doesn't realize it yet. He doesn't know how many more things could be achieved with electricity. He figured out the basic principles to electricity and how to use it but he could use it for many things besides light, it would go a long way in restoring the technology lost when the world reverted to that time period. However, Equality's prototype isn't nearly as developed as it needs to be, he barely achieved a red glow from the wire, it wouldn't provide enough light to help anyone yet.

    2)Equality wants to see his own body for the first time because as he was making the wire he felt pride for his invention because he made it on his own, with his own two hands. He realized that he is his own person and that his body isn't like anyone else's. He feels pride for the first time for his individual body as well, because the light he made is so apart of himself, he doesn't know whether to separate the two. His hands made it, and so he looks at his hands, then notices the strength of his arms. He wants to see what he looks like, so he can be proud of that too, and see himself as an individual face and not just a name with a number.

    The real source of his joy is that he did something so incredible on his own. Not only did he defy his society, but everyone could benefit from it. He feels justified that he broke the rules since he made something that could help his brothers. He thinks that they will forgive him everything he has done because of the gift he brings them. If the council accepts him and his gift, the entire race of man would benefit from the technological advance. Even if they reject him though, the real victory is that there is someone who thinks for himself and knows he is an individual in the society, and he can teach all the others.

  6. #1 Equality invents something like a light bulb.

    #2 He is now interested because his task was an individual one. He realizes that he doesn't always need other people. This sparked an interest in being an individual. Appearence now matters since he is his own person.

    Prompt: His motivation was to prove the Scholars wrong. It was to show them that all had not been discovered. It was to prove that nothing was wrong with it. His rebellious actions could lead to other people breaking the mold. This will not go over well with the Council.

  7. Equality created a light bulb. He wants it now because he is starting to fell different and an individual. He is feeling curiosity because he knows he's different.

    I believe Equality's main source of joy is for inventing. I think he did it to prove to himself he could do it,and that he was different and that he did. It was to show to himself that he could do whatever he wanted to do.

    It would benefit mankind by bringing things back, like lightbulbs. They wouldn't need wax or matches anymore. Plus they could make heat from it.

  8. Pzopp: I agree, he was rebellious, but i think to learn instead of to spite the council.

    Lwood: I think #2 was a great way to put it. He realizes he wants to be unique.

  9. 1/Equality invents a lightbulb.

    2/Equality wants to see himself because he is realizing that everyone is unique and he wants to see his true self. He wants to see himself now because he always thought he was nothing special but now realizes he is and is proud of his invention.

    Honors/The great sense Equality feels is that of accomplishment. A lightbulb will do many things: make candles obsolete, no more poor lighting in dark places or night, and is basically the first step in the introduction and use of electricity.

  10. #1 Equality invents a source very similar to the light bulb.

    #2 He wants to see what he looks like now because he has just discovered something new. He invented this incredible thing all by his lonesome, and he is very proud of his accomplishment. Never before has he realized he could do things as miraculous as this, and he is amazed. For the first time, Equality really thinks of himself as an individual person. He can feel the emotion of pride even though he doesn’t know what that is. He would love to just see himself happy and have proof, other than himself, that he really is a special individual.

    Prompt: The prime reason of Equality’s great joy is because of his accomplishment. Not only did Equality feel proud, but he is not able to help out the society very much. The citizens there will never have to use candles again. The energy source he has invented will forever change that city. He now knows he could easily be in the Council of Scholars because he has invented and discovered something that they do not know of. He wishes to share his findings with the scholars hoping they will not be angry with him but very pleased with his discovery. If they are proud, Equality could be accepted into the council. However, if they are angry he could receive great punishment. Equality, either way, would change things for the society, and would spark people’s ideas to try something new, to be leaders.

  11. #1 Equality invented a thing that is simular to a light bulb.
    #2 He wants to see himself because he has stated to feel curiosity.

  12. 1- Equality invents a light bulb. He is afraid to show it to the scholars. He believes that he will be executed. I don’t think he should be executed for inventing something great. This society is ticking me off.

    2- Equality realizes that he has never seen himself. I think that they don’t have mirrors so they don’t see themselves as individuals. He wants to see himself but it is not possible at this point. He is kind of disappointed that he won’t get the chance to see himself.

    Honors’ Prompt: Equality enjoys experiments very much. He experiments because of his wandering mind. He experiments with electric because the frog moved when the wires touched. I think Equality will become a scholar if he shows it to the scholars. It is what he has always wanted.

  13. 1) Equality invents a light bulb-like thing.

    2) Equality wants to see what he looks like because he knows everyone looks different.

    Honors Prompt:
    Equality is proud of his invention and feels accomplished. His main motivation was to show everyone that the scholars don't know everything. Equality's invention will greatly benefit mankind. Now, they'll be able to have lighting and electronics.

  14. @ kcooper1996:
    I'm glad that you pointed out how much Equality enjoys making his experiments.

    @ emilyfulks:
    I agree about how much you said it would change society.

  15. Prompt: Equality's source of "great joy" is that he has invented a new source of light (to them). It also might be that he made something that the scholars didn't. This "light bulb" can replace their candles. It can also teach them the properties of electricity. This can open up so many doors for other inventions.

  16. #1: Equality invents something similar to a light bulb.
    #2: Equality never thought about seeing himself until he invented something on his own. He took pride in what he accomplished. For once he felt like an indiviual instead of a "we". He wanted to see what he looked like because he was honestly curious. He was proud of himself, so Equality wanted to finally see what he looked like.
    Honors: Equality's main motivation was his pride of his accomplishment. I think he's happy that he discovered something that the House of Scholars couldn't. If not he feels that since he invented this; he knew he could invent more. His invention could show other people that they are their own individuals. Plus, it could show people that they could invent things too, and that the House of Scholars didn't know everything. It would be so much easier for them to use his light bulb instead of candles. It could lead to a lot of new achievements and technology usages.

  17. #1 Equality invents something similar to a light bulb...light soarce thing.
    #2 Equality only wanted to see him after he finished his light bulb thing. After that he could feel himself becoming more and more of his own person rather than being like everyone else. After that he wanted to explore who he was as a person. He was finally taking pride of his uniqueness.
    HONORS: His motivation wasn't to help out the community but to see what he could do, and to find out how things worked. From the very beginning he's been curious about the "unknown" he doesn't believe that the House of Scholars knows all. By showing his invention to the Scholars and to the people of the community it would spark a new revolution. It would inspire people to create and learn. That and it would get them to stop using candles.

  18. respond LWood #1 I fully agree with you.
    respond kmael #1 I agree with you.

  19. 1).Equality invents something similar to a lightbulb.
    2).I think that Equality wants to see his reflection because he was proud. In this community you just don't accomplish things like this so it's a really big deal. He wants to see the person that has changed so much in his world.

    Honors: Equality's invention is more about finding himself than actually inventing it. He's discovering that not everyone is the same and not everyone has the same talents. It's probably scary for him as well as exciting. It would help mankind because they wouldn't have to use candles anymore, but finding yourself is way bigger.

  20. Equality invented electricity in this chapter. I think that Equality is finally seeing himself because he has finally created something bigger than himself, and something that no one has ever seen before. I think that he’s just so excited to see what everyone thinks of his great invention.

    Equality’s motivation for his invention is he wants to be in the House of Scholars. He thinks that since he created this “great” thing that he will be accepted in to the House of Scholars. His invention will truly benefit mankind by showing them that technology is a good thing. His version of the light bulb could teach them so many new things. They just need to study the “light” and they will learn so many new things they don’t know right now.

  21. 1.) He invented a device smilar to a lightbulb.
    2.) He wants to see himself because he wants to know what his individual self looks like. He is learning that there is more than a society built upon no man be different but rather who he really is.

    Honors Prmpt:
    His true joy comes from what a man can do with inspiration, desire and a will. He wants to better the people and in doing so on his own he learns that it will allow them to acheive far more in society

  22. 1. He invented a object simmilar to a lightbulb.
    2. He wants to find out what is individual appearance looks like.

    Honors Prompt:

    He knows what an individual person can do. He wants everybody to learn more about themselves so they can reach farther into their future.

  23. 1. Equality has created a lightsource similar to a light bulb
    2. He wants to see himself because he has realized what he can do as an individual. He has proven the society wrong about being your own person. He has taken pride in his accomplishment. He no longer has to imagine that he is a individual because he knows he is. He is different than everyone and that's very important to him.

    Honors Prompt: Equality feels self-accomplished. He has became his own individual. He knows what he is capable of, not 'we', he. He's determined, strong, motivated, and won't let anyone bring him down. Equality has realized how much different he is than everyone else. He's smarter than the council and scholars. He knows that now, he can teach. He can help people find their individuality. He has found how unique he truly is.

  24. #1:Equality invents a glass box with glowing wires, like a light bulb.
    #2: Equality wants to see his face now because of so much he has learned latly. This invention was done by him and by hime only, he has never been a single person. Equality starts to feel all different emotions, the main one is excitement.

    Honors prompt: Equality's "Great Joy" comes from his heart, he has never done something as an individual. Also he might get to go live at the Council of the Scholars. This invention will benefit in many ways, such as: creating new jobs, clearner air, no candle smoke, seeing in the dark will be much much easier.

    @ EmilyFulks: your paragraphs are very vivid and detailed, i agree with what you say.

    @ Bbick: i agree with your answers, they make a lot of sense to me.

  25. #1 Equality built a box that glows similiar like a light bulb.
    #2 He finally realizes that he is person that he is different from everyone else. He is finally ready to see himself as an individual.
    Honors Prompt: Equality feels that he has finally accomplished something in his life and he wants to prove that his mind can acheive more expectations than just any street sweeper. He has made something that can change the whole society's way of living. He has created light. Light changes the way people feel, such as the sun. Everyone loves a bright sunny day.

  26. 1): Equality has invented a little glass box that glows like a light bulb.
    2): I think he wants to see himself now because he has accomplished an invention, Equality is proud of himself but doesn't know what to imagine when he is thinking of himself.

    Honors: The primary source of Equality's "great joy" is accomplishment. He has never done anything quite this extraordinary. His invention will definitely benefit to mankind because it will make seeing at night easier, cleaner air, and help make new jobs. Equality will get many opportunities to be greater.

  27. 1. In this chapter, Equality has built "the glass box", with the remains of the Unmentionable Times. He thinks that this glass box is the cause of lightning and fire. This one invention they have discovered could lead to lighting up a whole society and world. (page 60 paragraph 2) He knew that the invention was far to important to keep it to himself. Although, any person who has taken the time to do anything other than what they are assigned to do. So, this invention would basically not matter at all, due to the fact that if the scholars do not know of it, it does not exist.

    2. Equality knows that he has invented something incredible, well in that society. So, he thinks that this is finally the time where he can show the Scholars that he is much more than a street sweaper. Equality knows he has the talents and qualities of a scholar. Although, he cannot stand up tp them because it is a sin. He is feeling really proud and humble, but mad that he cannot show this amazing discovery.

    Honors Prompt: This is is a question I dont really get. But I think the motivation behind this invention, is to see what his hands can accomplish. He knows that his hands are the key to everything he does. Therefore, he goes up and beyond the line of duty, and comes up with an amazing invention. This discovery will be the beginning of light in this society and more and more will come from the light. So, his motivation is very unique if I am correct.

  28. 1.Equality invented something similar to the lightbulb, but it was described as a little glass box.
    2.I think that Equality now wants to show everyone that he has did something that could possibly help in future years to come.

  29. Honors:He wanted to know if he could actually do something great with his own hands and his own knowledge.His invention will give mankind electricity so that they can see to do different things that they like to do.

  30. @lcrem-I like how your description of the light he made is short and to the point.

    @mneib-I totally agree with you on the Honorsa discussion.

  31. 1- He reinvents the premise of a lightbulb.

    2- He wants to see his own image now because of a mass of internal questioning development of self. He has always known that he was taller and more muscular than others but his curiosity is leading him to seek a complete image of himself.

    Honors- His joy comes from the fact that he invented the bulb by himself. He believes that his invention will help by giving more time to work and by making lives easier.

  32. from- sskin

    #1 He created a lightbulb or a lantern of somesort.
    #2 He wants to know more about himself as he discovers new things he never knew. The image of himself is something he also didn't know so he wishes to have a complete look at himself.

    Honors- His great joy is that he beleivees he is doing something great for his fellow mankind. He wishes to make everyones life better and easier, so it brings him happiness to be able to give that to the people he wishes to please.

    1. I think that is only part of his happiness.

  33. from-sskin

    jneal- I agree with your statement of questioning.
    sethkinker- i agree in when you say he wants to prove himself.

  34. #1/ Equality invents a primitive light bulb called a light box.
    #2/ He is interested in seeing his own image because he has never seen it before. He has only seen the faces of his brothers before, never his own. Equality is feeling somewhat independent.
    HONORS PROMPT/His great joy is because he is nearly thinking for himself and not just others. He still cares about them though. His invention will prove that what one person, by himself, can do is important.

    1. I like how you used the word primitive.

  35. Equality has built a crude version of the light bulb. He calls it a light box, and he is wery proud of his achievement.

  36. The "great joy" that Equality is felling is self accomplishment. By thinking for himself and going beyond his brothers, he has found the ability to create things that others could not. He still cares about his fellow man, because he relizes all of the uses that this creation can be used for.

  37. Equality wants to see his own image because, his entire life he has never seen it, he has only seen the faces of his brothers. Now that he is thinking for himself he wants to know more about himself. He never recieved the chance to find out what kind of person he was when he was young, so now that he is older he wants to know more about himself.